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The CSG Computer and Software Corporation in Muenster offers information technology for industry, trade and craft, for the administration and the service sector. We develop complete turnkey IT solutions and offer standard software packages, network solutions as well as hardware products. The company was founded in 1981 by Albert Tiggemann. Today, circa 60 employees are working for CSG. More than 650 companies all over Europe trust in our services. Moreover, we have successfully realized projects in Asia and South America in the past years.


Focus of our activities is the service for the customer. CSG supports its customers from project planning to technical service – with a substantiated know-how, qualified employees and premium products. We regard our customers as partners with whom we continuously exchange information, and we aim for a long-term mutual trust. Through permanent education of the employees, constant market research and the exchange of experiences with other software partners, CSG can offer state-of-the-art technology.


In October 2005, a new business location was launched in Essenbach, Germany (near Landshut):

Additionally, CSG has distribution partnerships in Poland, Russia, Turkey and former Yugoslavia.


We offer our customers a huge spectrum of business activities. This includes a comprehensive operation, organization and system analysis, a competent and multivendor consulting with the choice of hard- and software, the development and implementation of user software packages as well as network planning and realization. The application of efficient and easy to maintain databases, operating systems and programming language, guarantees our customers a smooth operation. The employees will be worked in and trained professionally by us. Besides the system support, the maintenance and the technical service, we assume the overall project responsibility for computers, hardware and software.


CSG is one of the world’s leading companies with respect to ERP software solutions for packaging companies. Since 1987, we have been developing and implementing our software in the packaging market and have serviced customers with respect to business task management. Meanwhile, more than 100 packaging companies worldwide with more than 5,000 users put their trust in us. We justify this trust day-to-day with our project work.

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