Company Objectives of the CSG group

Top products, top performance and top service.

Our customers’ success is our declared goal and utmost concern. Therefore, we make great demands on each and every detail of our work in all sections of our services.
We offer our customers

We place particular emphasis on added value for our customers.

The way we cooperate with customers, suppliers and business partners proves the high standard of our performances. Open communication, a high level of reliability and the adherence to schedules create a trusting atmosphere, which adds to a smooth execution of all business processes.
We make use of our great expertise in the software sector and in the packaging industry to create innovative and individual solutions for our customers, who, in turn, achieve a maximum of added value this way. At the same time, we remain open to any suggestions that may help us optimizing our solutions in the interest of the customer.
Our personal appearance is friendly, authentic and trustworthy, and so are our actions. Clear and structured statements, which make technical as well as business issues easily and quickly comprehensible for our dialog partner, show our expertise.

We treat each other with responsibility and respect.

Our everyday work both within and outside the company is characterized by mutual respect. The resulting positive attitude is the basis for all issues related to personnel management – at all hierarchical levels.
We expect and encourage

This way, we create a productive and motivating team spirit and corporate culture for everyone, which allows us to concentrate on the objectives of our customers and the success of our work.
At the same time, we will create the necessary internal leeway for topics and ideas that are important to us as a company – and which bring us forward together. As there are, for example, active junior staff development, recognition of outstanding performances and – last but not least – measures that support the physical and mental health of all employees.

We continue to develop ourselves and our performances.

The services provided by us have significant influence on the central business processes of our customers. Therefore, we conduct a strict internal controlling to ensure a high level of transparency and a gapless retraceability of all work processes.
We continuously control and optimize the effectiveness and efficiency auf our actions to be more productive at work and to further improve the quality of our job performance at the same time.

We secure our leading position every day – thereby maintaining our independence.

The quality and efficiency of our products and solutions and also our daily personal commitment have made us the market leader with respect to ERP solutions for the packaging industry.
To maintain this status and ensure the future success of our company, we pursue clear strategic objectives. Together we want to

Updates at regular intervals and ongoing maintenance ensure the functioning of our IT solutions while safeguarding the customers’ investments at the same time. Only satisfied and successful customers help us to reach our most important strategic goal: to maintain and expand our own corporate success and our financial and economic independence.